A Mother’s Revenge

Posted: April 29, 2015 in Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT - © Dee Lovering

Meet me beside the juggler’s tent.
How will you know me?
Look for the woman with three scars on her heart
one for each son slaughtered in the Battle of Cádiz.
You must take me to his rooms – our king – our lord – our master.
There I will dance for him. And sing. Oh, yes, I will sing his
praises up to the stars and beyond.
Soon I shall wear silken frocks and golden slippers and twine diamonds in my hair.
You laugh? It is true! Love will blind him. I guarantee.
He will have me three short years then die beneath my blade.

  1. ansumani says:

    Seems like a good plan. Nice story with the backdrop of history.


  2. Sandra says:

    She’s got it all worked out. I like a woman with a plan and a sense of purpose. Nicely done.


  3. Very lyrical. I enjoyed it.

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  4. One can hardly blame her…beautifully written. Basically a whole life in so few words…


  5. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Alicia,

    If this is not history, it should be. This is what writing and imagination are all about. I love this tale and the protagonist. The three short years might almost be with it.



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  6. What a lovely compact story. Very satisfying tale.

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  7. Three short years is a long time to wait, I’d speed it up. You can sense her passion and grief in what you’ve written.

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  8. Dear Alicia,

    The brevity of this lends to its breathtaking emotion. Three scars…there’s so much depth in that one line alone. Very well done.



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  9. Three scars..one for each son…broke my heart.

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  10. draliman says:

    Great story. She’s hatched the perfect plan and you’ve managed to squeeze it all into so few words. Nice!

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  11. Beautiful piece of vengeful treachery here. Love it!

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  12. plaridel says:

    this story breathes. it’s alive. it’s like watching a movie. well done.

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  13. gahlearner says:

    This should be an opera, so full of emotion. A work of art in so few words. A great piece.

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  14. What an amazing story, poetic an powerful. Well done!

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  15. Jan Brown says:

    She’s lost everything, and is willing to risk everything. The story is told with a rhythm and conviction that makes the mother’s voice very authentic.

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  16. Revenge is a dish best served cold and apparently at least three years old.

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  17. I love this story. I can so relate to her wishes.. Somehow this story happens too rarely.

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  18. I love the stories you weave, Alicia! This is chilling and magical in the telling. Excellent story telling! I especially love the 3 scars for each son. Wow!

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  19. Amy Reese says:

    She’s got a plan and I have a feeling it will work. She seems quite determined! It all has a very exotic pull…silken frocks and golden slippers and twine diamonds in my hair. She will dress the part, but it’s not riches she’s after. The three scars for each son is very chilling, too. Nicely done, Alicia. I wondered why three years.

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    • It’s takes time to weave a web of deceit. Also, the king gets one year of thinking he’s “got it all” for each one of her sons – hopefully making his violent end much worse for him and more satisfying for her. I hope I’m explaining it right. Thanks for asking, Amy.

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  20. rgayer55 says:

    Outstanding story. The three years aligns perfectly with the three scars. That will also buy her time to figure out how to make it look like suicide or accidental death so she can inherit his riches as spoils. How clever.

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  21. The king better watch out. Nicely done! 🙂

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  22. Margaret says:

    Great character – driven by her grief, single-minded in her goal. Gripping. Well told.

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  23. subroto says:

    So poetic and clever.

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  24. This is poetic with lovely description, Alicia. Her revenge is going to be delayed and cold. Well done. — Suzanne

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  25. Nan Falkner says:

    Dear Alicia, I’m in awe of your story – “diamonds in her hair” Wow – She will make him pay for the sons she has lost. EXCELLENT revenge! Nan


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