The Deadly Russian Frost – 1941

Posted: March 9, 2016 in Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday/Friday again and I’m submitting my 101-word story to Friday Fictioneers. The picture provided by our Fairy Blog Mother, Rochelle, was taken by Emmy L Grant. I just finished reading a book about Russia during WW II. Many of the scenes stuck in my mind. I combined a few to come up with this week’s story.

PHOTO PROMPT - © Emmy L Gant

“This soup is all bones. No taste. Where’s the meat?”
I killed a cat to get that much. Count your blessings.
“And what about the potatoes and carrots? Where are they?”
Fool! The vegetables rotted in the ground last month.
“And salt? Have you lost your cooking skills along with your figure? You are nothing but sagging skin.”
You traded our packet of salt for a rifle that doesn’t work. When soldiers come we won’t have protection.
“Let me see what I can do,” Tatiana says to her husband.
She takes the bowl to the kitchen and spits in his soup.


  1. Oh this one is really good… love the censorship… Have you read Svetlana Alexieviech ? It could be taken from there.

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    • Thanks, Bjorn. No, I haven’t read Svetlana.I’ll put her on my list. I read Stalin’s Daughter about four months ago, and just finished Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith. A wonderfully chilling novel.


  2. ansumani says:

    LOL. I know the story is bleak and their circumstances poor but I can’t help but laugh at the ending. Well done piece !

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  3. Joy Pixley says:

    I agree with Bjorn – love how you showed what she *didn’t* say with the censorship. Such a clear portrayal of the frustration when someone blames you unfairly and you cannot speak back.

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  4. Dear Alicia,

    The lines through the sentences, ie censorship….very effective. Very well done.



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  5. draliman says:

    Good for her.He’s lucky he has any food at all, maybe he should lend a hand. I liked the crossing-out to show what she was thinking.

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  6. mickwynn2013 says:

    Well done her, defiant to the last


  7. Sandra says:

    I like your style… and hers. 🙂

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  8. Perhaps she could cook him for tomorrow’s tea?

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  9. Perhaps one must learn to appreciate what one has and not b*tch about what one doesn’t have. 🙂
    Nicely done.

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  10. Pow! So much pent up rage, and almost no outlet for the poor wife. Fool of a husband!
    BRILLIANT story! The strike-throughs are absolutely perfect. What a creative device!

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  11. plaridel says:

    ouch! that’s what he gets for not being appreciative.

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  12. Wow, what a sad life. I hope you are reading something a little lighter this go round. lol

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  13. gahlearner says:

    If she cooks him, it’s a win-win situation, he really is no loss. Very powerful writing.

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  14. rgayer55 says:

    Hopefully, the spit contained a lot of phlegm. That adds body to soup without killing off the nutrients. Perhaps I should start my own cooking show–or not.

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  15. Jan Brown says:

    I agree with the other commenters who found the censorship very effective!

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  16. Adam Ickes says:

    Just consider this an echo of the other comments. The censorship was a great touch.

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  17. Amy Reese says:

    This is plenty bleak as I’m sure it was. That first line just sets it up perfectly. I like the extra layering of Tatiana’s censored words. I did want to laugh at the end. I can’t help myself. Hey, if that makes her feel better!

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  18. Hope he really liked the soup after that happened, but remind me not to marry Tatiana when the war is over. Really depicts the forgotten impact of war not just on Russia but everywhere it happens. And there’s nothing like cat soup!

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  19. athling2001 says:

    Interesting. I take it the crossed out lines are her thoughts? Good for her, spitting in the soup!

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  20. Amrit Sinha says:

    This is very well though off, specially the crossed lines. Brilliant!


  21. Your way of writing that worked well, Alicia. What a stupid, horrible person he is. Powerful and well written. —- Suzanne

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