Escaping Culloden

Posted: July 13, 2016 in Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright-Sandra Crook

Culverins fired.
Crocks rattling against the walls of her stone farmhouse
Rhona crammed memories inside a sporran: her wedding shift, mother’s thimble, dead daughter’s rattle.
After two months of eating nothing but apples, the shift no longer fit.
Still, Rhona needed something to remind her of happier days.

“Head north,” her husband had instructed before falling in with the Jacobites.
“Bring the stones to ensure your passage.”

Clothed in dark trousers and a clan MacDougall shawl
Rhona pushed through a crush of villagers, moving south.
Enveloped in billowing smoke,
she hoped no one would notice the ruby earrings hidden beneath her hair.

  1. neilmacdon says:

    That packed a lot of feeling and atmosphere into 100 words


  2. She doesn’t seem like she would own ruby earrings. What could they mean?
    You’ve got me wondering….

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  3. I’m intrigued by this. Is she heading south to avoid her husband?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Very tring times ahead for her.
    Seems like she’s lost everything, husband, daughter and now home.


  5. Sandra says:

    An impressive sense of urgency and flight. I enjoyed it.

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  6. I really like how much of history you managed to catch with just a few words. the dead baby’s rattle, the specific words that made the timing right.. a great flash, on of the best I’ve read.

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  7. Mike says:

    A great piece of history, full of images, well done. Mike

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  8. draliman says:

    Frightening times, very atmospheric.

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  9. Dear Alicia

    A little subtle change of direction. The sense of urgency is tangible. Well done.




  10. Thanks, Rochelle. I’m afraid the line – “Rhona pushed through a crush of villagers, moving south,” threw readers off. I’m thinking the action “moving south” refers to the last subject “villagers”. Shoulder shrug. I revised the sentence structure. I hope that helps. 😉


  11. gahlearner says:

    Her direction confused me a bit, too, until I read the comments, but the rest is clear, earrings included. You created such a sense of determination in the face of loss, destruction and despair, it fellt like watching a movie. Excellent writing.

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  12. liz young says:

    My word! There’s a lot of story in 100 words. I hope she makes it.

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  13. Amy Reese says:

    This is so rich in detail, Alicia. Really wonderful. I really get the sense of the setting and tense atmosphere. Love the hope in a sparkle of a jewel!


  14. Thank you, Amy. Your comments always make my day. Alicia


  15. mjlstories says:

    Reminded me of Stevenson’s Kidnapped.

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  16. Sounds like a scene from a longer historical novel, Alicia. Good writing. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  17. mickwynn2013 says:

    Very atmospheric and wth great sense of her against the world

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  18. A great take on the picture. I have an image of an Esmerelda-type character from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.


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