Give Me Life on the Sea

Posted: March 29, 2017 in Friday Fictioneers
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After eleven exciting days in Peru, I’m glad to be back in the company of the Friday Fictioneers. Today’s photo, posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, was provided by Fatima Fakier Deria. Thanks to you both.

Give me life on the sea

I make my living chasing
salmon and halibut and dogfish
across miles of salt-scented waves
under the heat of the midday sun
or swallowed by a cacophony of rain.

I am alone ninety days out of the year and
have learned to enjoy the solitude.
I whistle along with sea birds,
play guitar and mend nets.

I need no partner
woman or man
to make the world go round.
I am content
until my feet anchor on land.

There I endure endless pawing,
cat-calls and intimidation
from fishermen threatened by
the existence of
independent women.




  1. Lynn Love says:

    Ooh, clever you! You threw a curved ball there, bending our expectations, making us think it was a man when it was a female sailor.
    Love those descriptions too – brief but vivid enough for a good flavour of the sea. Lovely Alicia

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  2. Dear Alicia,

    I wondered why I hadn’t seen you around FF or Pegman. I’m happy to see you back. And such a lovely reason.
    I wasn’t expecting a fisherwoman. Very well done.



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  3. Love the strength of the tone and the progression of the poem, the way in which the speaker starts with a matter-of-fact description of herself and ends by telling us how she relates to the world.

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  4. michael1148humphris says:

    You caught me out, with a lovely twist at the end.

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  5. Dale says:

    I LOVE this!

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  6. plaridel says:

    i say where have all these strong women gone?

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  7. draliman says:

    Nice one! I bet she’s glad to get back out there.

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  8. gahlearner says:

    People talk about equality. Pffff… Great story, Alicia, and a great twist.

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  9. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover says:

    I absolutely love this.

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  10. Ooh, unexpected – and I liked it all the more for that!

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  11. granonine says:

    Great twist. I love independent women 🙂

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  12. Michael Wynn says:

    Great twist at the end. I was with her appreciating the solitude, I do myself on occasion, but thought she was going to welcome company once on shore, so it was a pleasant surprise in a sense to read the opposite. I sympathise with her.

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  13. Yes – the twist is perfect building on male stereotypes, and then “BAM” you expose my prejudices.

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    • Yeah! I’m so glad the twist worked. I don’t think many people realize there are fisherwomen out there, sometimes working harder than the men – because they have to. Glad you stopped by, Bjorn.


  14. Brilliant. I love the way you paint a picture of someone alone, content with the sea, and then the wonderful twist at the end, where that someone is a woman. So clever. You made me smell the sea, taste the salt, and understand how a person could be content with such a life!

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  15. subroto says:

    It’s a lonely life when you are a sole trader. Poetic prose that makes a strong statement. Nice one 👍

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  16. Cool, Alicia. As I read it, I thought it was a man. Talk about type casting.
    Good for you for giving women the upper hand in this write. I LOVED it.
    Isadora 😎

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  17. Liz Young says:

    A neatly tricky ending, Alicia!

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  18. mjlstories says:

    I let put a huge sigh like a rolling ocean after reading this – the picture of true solitude is seductive.

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  19. Sarah Ann says:

    I could smell the sea and feel the salt of those first three stanzas – beautifully described. It’s a pity she had to return to the land of insecure men.

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  20. Thanks, Sarah Ann. Those lines kind of remind me of sunburns!!!! Alicia


  21. Hope you enjoyed Peru, sounds exciting. Nice to see a poem for FF and it is tough to be a woman in a male-dominated sphere. Nice tribute to your friend.


  22. rgayer55 says:

    Men are applauded for being strong and assertive. A woman with the same qualities is considered a bitch. A woman has to have thick skin and be tougher than a man to survive among the sharks, whether it be at sea or in the business world.

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