Spritzer Knows the Truth

Posted: April 1, 2017 in What Pegman Saw


The first team on Mars ~ Three women and a dog
Length of mission ~ Fifteen years
What was discovered ~ Depends on who you ask

Janie: “We found three species of corn on the south side of the planet. Lord knows who planted the seeds or how they grew in those harsh conditions. Fields were well-tended, although we never detected any sign of intelligent beings.”
Sarah: “Footprints everywhere. Gigantic two-toed something or others. Creeped me out. Glad we never saw who or what left them.”
Petra: “Wind blew all the time. Sand looked like the Sahara Desert on a bad day. Not a mark anywhere. No sign of life, animal or plant. Nothin’.”
Spritzer: Dang those women for dragging me to Mars. They all went mad four years after landing. Saw things that weren’t there; didn’t see things that were. My journals were very well kept. But no one will read them.

(150 words)

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  1. Dear Lish,

    I’m not the only one sharing laughs this week. I can only imagine what Spritzer’s journal looks like. Sounds like he marked his territory well. Too cute.



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  2. That’s excellent. Perfect for the date, too.

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  3. k rawson says:

    Spritzer would not be the first dog to think his human companions were crazy, but sounds like he has more reason that many. I’d expect many a dog-eared page in that journal. 😉

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  4. James says:

    Dogs have a written language??? 😉

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  5. Fantasy rules the day.


  6. This proves that men and dogs are definitely from Mars or at least know more about it than women.

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  7. Sarah Ann says:

    Love those voices, every one. Pity you only had 150-words as I’d like to know more, especially why the dog thinks they all went mad.

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  8. Lynn Love says:

    Great slant on the photo, Alicia. As others have said, it’s a dog’s life – especially when you’re dragged to Mars 🙂

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