What Mother Wrought

Posted: April 26, 2017 in Friday Fictioneers
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What MOther Wrought

Lovers come to the bench.
The teenagers spy.
Ephemeral. Unmoving. Only their heads peek ’round the hedge.
None speak. They simply watch.
Tommy ponders the smoothness of women’s skin.
Annabelle enjoys the muscles rippled across men’s backs.
Susanne resents everything about the couples. Would stop them if she could.
For the siblings will never feel such things, make such sounds
or hear the words, “I love you.”
Suffocation should have put an end to anticipation and hope.
But, they feel the need to return. Night after night.
Year after year.
Century upon century.

Today’s Photo Prompt was provided by Liz Young 
  1. And that’s why death sucks. Good job.

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  2. neilmacdon says:

    The idea of centuries of children, each with their curiosities and angers, spying on centuries of lovers was glorious. Well done for managing to focus on the bench rather than the tombstone

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  3. I found this quite chilling Alicia.

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  4. It would feel so chilling to be watched by those ghostly children… a wonderful story.

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  5. jellico84 says:

    A wonderful little ghost story you have here. Better watch out, it might become a staple told around campfires and in old cemeteries around the world. 🙂 ❤

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  6. A different type of mother from my character this week. It makes me sad to think of the dead as still longing for life. That would be terrible. Great writing.

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  7. Dear Lish,

    There’s so much to this little story. Sort of like a ghost salad with maternal dressing. Nicely tossed.



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  8. michael1148humphris says:

    There are some intersting and powerful ideas in this weeks FF and your writing is there to. You got me thinking, great

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  9. This is deliciously eerie, Alicia. I love how line after line you told us the story of the place and the people that visit it, and of the siblings who can’t get away (or push others away). I hope you write more about this two–what happened before and what comes next. I wonder if they will ever be able to push someone away…

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  10. Dale says:

    I love how they still want to find some way to experience life even after death.
    What I want to know is who suffocated them!!

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  11. Sandra says:

    I loved the gentle reveal in this. Very poignant.

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  12. draliman says:

    What a terrible eternal existence. Nice one!

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  13. Every since I was a child I like ghost stories. Great take on the photo prompt.

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  14. plaridel says:

    kids who have passed, their souls remain earthbound. someone has to guide them towards the light.

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  15. rgayer55 says:

    Little peeking-Tom ghosts. I like the way you got inside their minds. Poor tortured souls.

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    • Now that you mention it, these kids kind of remind me of the young vampire in Interview with a Vampire. How she suddenly realized she’d never become a woman and went a tad crazy. Thanks for reading and commenting. Alicia


  16. mjlstories says:

    I love a good ghost story! I’ll look at frosted teasel heads differently from now on.

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  17. yuhublogger says:

    A brilliant imagination.

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  18. subroto says:

    Centuries of longing seems so sad. Nicely done.

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  19. gahlearner says:

    From a delightful ghost story to a horrible murder tragedy in such few lines. Hearbreaking story.

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  20. Lynn Love says:

    That sense of loss, of frustration is so clearly rendered and poignantly done, Alicia. So tragic. Wonderful story

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  21. Liz Young says:

    I wonder about that word ‘suffocation’ – was that how they died?

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  22. Yes, Liz, their mother suffocated them. Thanks for wondering. And thanks for a great photo. We got some wonderful stories out of it.


  23. This was so good. I felt their curiosity and was glad to stick it to the mother!

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  24. Ghosts spying on lovers — it’s an idea that often crossed my mind when I was younger. Were there ghosts at that very moment, watching what I was up to? Your story is an excellent take on the prompt, with lots of questions begging to be answered.

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  25. magarisa says:

    Such a haunting tale full of longing. Excellent interpretation of the prompt!

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