Crossed Letters

Posted: November 4, 2017 in Uncategorized

I think I cheated this week….(I didn’t complete this thought and Lynn and K.Lawsen questioned why I thought my story was cheating. So ~ Yesterday was a busy day filled with politics in our community. I thought it was cheating because I didn’t stick to the city of Córdoba.)

My Dearest Samuel,
If only you were here. You and I would sit before the fire, me telling you the happy news that we are expecting a child, you smiling. Upon your return, we shall make no more plans for your explorations. Instead, we will enjoy our lives here, in your ancestral home listening to the giggles and shouts of our children chasing one another amongst the roses.

All my love and more, Louise

My Sweet Louise,
All has gone awry. I’ve not climbed a single rock face. Aconcagua works against us. The clothing we chose is unfit; our party is freezing to death. The porters fled three days ago. We have no food. Rock slides occur daily. Sadly, a boulder killed our dear Thomas. You and I may never see one another again Think of me when you walk in the rose garden.

I will love you forever, Samu

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  1. Lynn Love says:

    No cheating as far as I’m concerned – just a sad tale of loss, of a wife missing her husband, hoping for a future that will never come, a child who will never know its father. There have been a few real life stories that echo this, I’m sure. Very sad, Alicia

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    • Thanks, Lynn. I believe there were probably many sad tales during the days of long exploration in the 1800’s.

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      • Lynn Love says:

        Absolutely. And into the 20th century too – there was a British mountaineer, George Mallory who tried to scale Everest several times in the 1920s. Eventually he and a climbing partner vanished on the mountain, their fates not known for 75 years until their bodies were discovered in the melting ice in the 1990s. So moving to finally find those men, to learn exactly what must have happened to them at the end. But so many more – as your explorer character – must have vanished without trace, swallowed by jungles and deserts.

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  2. k rawson says:

    How do you think that’s cheating? Love the contrast provided by the two letters. So bittersweet.

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  3. I’m glad I came back to read the rest of the confession. I couldn’t tie the phrase to the fiction, which I liked very much. Now all has been revealed.

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  4. Dear Alicia,

    I’ll add my voice. I don’t think you cheated. The location inspired you. Nuff said. I think that’s what I love about the Pegman challenge. Even more freedom to step outside the box than Friday Fictioneers. (Also I don’t lead this one. 😉 ) Letters are a great way to tell a story. Sweet and sad. good job.



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  5. prior.. says:

    as noted above – I love the form of the back and forth – and sniff – feel kinda sad – and love how the rose garden tied in… and more….

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  6. EagleAye says:

    So tragic! No dry eyes over here. Kudos to you for such a compelling story.

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  7. draliman says:

    Sad – I suspect he won’t be coming back 🙂 I liked the format with the letters.

    (Just regarding the Inlinkz thing – I think you’re pasting in the “” one rather than the “blog hosted on WordPress” script. Blogs hosted on WordPress don’t allow external JavaScript (.js) files I don’t think, so it just shows as text.)

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  8. What a contrast. Such beauty. Such danger. Heartache in both, tied together by that bow of love. Well done, Lish. Well done.

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