The Priests

Posted: November 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

Today, Pegman took us to San José el Huayate, Chiapas, Mexico.

“Come,” they said.
“Offer your soul to God,” they said.
Words: Let Him protect and guide you. He alone offers peace.
More: Poverty will be annihilated. Evil banished. Your people will thrive beneath His benevolent gaze.
Still more: Crops will multiply, tenfold. Village children will flourish, grow tall and strong and smart.

When we did all that was asked, the truth swallowed us whole.
In spite of an exact amount of rain and sun, crops died.
Their coffers grew as ours diminished.
Some of our children perished before they were born.
The rest wished they had.

Too late, we asked, “Who is this benevolent God, this Christ?”
Too late, we realized His priests were greedy and war-like.
For they raped our women, stole our food and molested our children.
Erected churches over our cornfields and sacred grounds.

No more! Today we take back our lives inside howling winds and swirling knives.

  1. A sad tale repeated throughout history. Unfortunately the new messiah may well be heroine and other drugs. The U.S.’s insatiable demand for drugs keeps the weapons swirling. I love Mexico and I’m not afraid to live there but this is the reality of many communities.
    On that happy note…. Happy Thanksgiving Alicia.

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    • Happy Thanksgiving to you! While searching for pictures of Chiapas I found pictures of dead women on beaches. Whoa! Further on, I found this photo. Combining them in my mind, I was reminded of the months my husband and I did archaeology in Santa Barbara. We visited old churches where bodies of pregnant native women, molested by the priests, were buried.

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  2. k rawson says:

    You ever comment on a blog and then see your comment never posted? Had one of those days yesterday….

    Sadly this is a voice that echoes across the Americas. Well done as always, Lish.

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  3. Lynn Love says:

    This is chilling, Lish. To think that anyone claiming to represent a loving god could be capable of such horrifying acts – it beggars belief. Similar things have occurred down the centuries, from the Crusades down to the Magdelene Laundries in Ireland. For a beautiful country, poor Mexico has its fair share of disturbing stories.
    Tragic, but so well told

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  4. Excellent story. True then, and truer now.

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  5. pennygadd51 says:

    You tell a strong and distressing story, Alicia. The fact that it’s often been true just makes it worse. Just for the record, I have a far more positive view of Christianity, despite the dreadful things that some of its adherents and priests have done in its name.

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  6. draliman says:

    A tragically common tale throughout history. Loved the ending – time to fight back!

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  7. A tale of immense woe. It’s not Christian, it’s pre-Christian, sub-Christian. sub-sub-Christian. Lovely to find out what makes you tick tick, Lish.

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