Fiolett’s Man

Posted: March 24, 2018 in What Pegman Saw
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Today Pegman took us to Yellowstone. Besides Prismatic Pond, the mud pots were my favorite part of this national park, so I chose them for my story. Thanks for setting the stage, K. Rawson! (Translation of the names: Vulkan – Volcano, Fiolett – Violet, Jordskyelv – Earthquake.)

“Nei,” Vulkan forbade the use of even a cupful of clay from the mud pot at his feet.
“Please.” Fiolett knew if she had time, and now perhaps secrecy, she could create someone who would love her for all time.
“Nei,” Jordskyelv thundered, for he wanted her himself.

A month later, more than a cupful lay on Fiolett’s cabin floor.
The clay felt cool between her palms.
Days passed. Arms, gentle enough to cradle her appeared. Legs, sturdy and strong, soon lay beside them.
Shoulders, hips, a broad back, and finally, a head.
On this, Fiolett molded a face with features balanced between kindness and power.

She kissed her creation and slid him inside the kiln.
For ten interminable days, the fire burned.
On the eleventh, she opened the door.
Fire had done its work.
But so had Jordskyelv for the beautiful head of Fiolett’s man was completely broken and torn.

  1. k rawson says:

    This reads like all great myth. I await her revenge in a future tale–Jordkskyelv deserves it. I ached for her as she crafted her love. Such a great (and perfect) photo for this tale.

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  2. Lovely and stark. I enjoyed the language in this piece.

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  3. Dale says:

    I love this, Lish! That nasty Jordskyelv will get his comeuppance, I am sure…

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  4. lisarey1990 says:

    This is great. It reminded me of Irish mythology.

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  5. Dahlia says:

    So creative and imaginative.

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  6. Dear Lish,

    This reads a little like Pygmalion gone wrong. But everything right about the write. Well done.



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  7. Lynn Love says:

    Such lovely, tender words as she crafts her companion – it worked so well, her description of all she wanted in a man, all she would never get from the jealous Jordskyelv. It’s a sad end, but part of me thinks she won’t let it end there, that she will keep trying or avenge her lost love. Lovely story Lish

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  8. draliman says:

    It’s always the same when you try a bit of DIY, isn’t it?
    A lovely mythical piece! It seems no matter which mythology, the jealousy and pettiness of the gods knows no bounds.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Wow, Lish! The emptiness in this prose fills the story. That sense of broken creation, of rejection, really speak to me.

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  10. Sarah Ann says:

    Beautiful and heart rending at the same time. A story to linger and think about.

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