My Mistake

Posted: July 27, 2019 in What Pegman Saw
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You offered a kaleidoscope of promises strung on a golden thread of words.

Gardens brimming with succulent greens to guarantee comfort on steamy summer nights.
Brightly snapping fires composed of red flames and blue,
blending excitedly with tendrils of crackling yellow.
Fires built strictly to keep me warm while snow floats like pale sapphire feathers
across the grey rock face supporting your cliffside palace.
Madagascan oils, infused with the scent of juniper and colored with tiny flecks of gold.
And women, or men, to massage the oils into my hair and over my skin.

Now, here I sit, captured within a tower built of white-washed stone.
Alone. No way out.
I should be pleased. I have all you offered and more.
The one thing you did not offer and I neglected to request? Freedom.
My mistake, for I thought your heart knew that liberty is what I require above all else.

  1. A cautionary tale for princesses everywhere. Well done.

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  2. k rawson says:

    From the powerful “You offered a kaleidoscope of promises strung on a golden thread of words,” each word does double duty–telling the story and evoking the world. Wonderfully done. Great to see you, Lish!

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  3. pennygadd51 says:

    You have some striking images in your story, Lish. I particularly liked the snowflakes like pale sapphires.

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  4. James McEwan says:

    Lovely words and writing.
    If only she could sprout wings and fly away across the valley to her idea of freedom.

    Where did they meet? Some dark bar – your place or mine – gone wrong?

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  5. Nice one, Lish. Such rich and beautiful words, such happiness turned on its head to reveal such unhappiness. A wonderful warning for all who are lured by false promises.

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  6. Dale says:

    This was gorgeously written, Alicia.
    Sorry I’m so late. I forgot to come back and check the other stories!

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  7. A powerful story, beautifully described, Alicia!

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