The People’s Stand

Posted: August 3, 2019 in What Pegman Saw
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Today Pegman took us to Black Hills, South Dakota. I immediately went to the history part. Hello! Custer. My husband and I visited the site of Custer’s Last Stand several years ago. When one looks over that field of slaughter, it is truly amazing. But Custer’s backstory brings chills. He was one self-centered guy.


Call me Lean Bear or Bloody Knife or Dancing Wolf
it does not matter.
My true name is Man Who Killed Custer.
When Yellow Hair came to The People’s land
we guided him through our valleys.
Let him kill our bears.
We did not stop his military band from playing unrecognizable tunes
that broke the silence of our mornings.
No one flinched when his troops leaned across saddles to pick flowers,
tearing the plants from the ground.
Plants needed to feed our women and children in winter.

We should have stopped the telegraph announcing gold was discovered
but The People were unaware of gold’s lure.
The gleaming rock had always been with us. Its glitter meant nothing.
We signed treaties proclaiming our sacred lands would be protected.
Still, men tore up our mountains.

Two years later Yellow Hair returned to make a forest of mistakes.
This time I was ready.

  1. Dale says:

    This was excellent, Lish!

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  2. Dear Lish,

    Beautifully written ugly piece of history. Love the voice. So poignant.



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  3. 4963andypop says:

    Love “forest of mistakes.”

    I like the indefinite narrator–could be anyone, but whoever it was, sounds like he carried the spirit of his people with him, as if their fate was guiding his hand. Manifest Destiny, so to speak. 😊

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  4. Lynn Love says:

    I have to agree with others – wonderful voice and tone, wonderful atmosphere you’ve created. Treaties were broken in the cause of grabbing gold and Custer paid the price for his stupidity and ego. Just great, Lish

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    • Thanks, Lynn. The more I read about Custer the more I despise him, then I think he was a man of the times, doing what was requested then I think he took it too far. Ego! Such a fate.


  5. k rawson says:

    Love the voice and the many lovely turns of phrase. And I’m with you on the sentiment!

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  6. A derisive and untrustworthy worthy man, that Custer, or so it seems. Sounds like he was greedy, or selfish, or stupid. I’m not sure. Relly feel for The People and their sacred lands. This brought a tear to my eye, Lish.

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