Attitude of Gratitude

Posted: January 6, 2020 in Uncategorized

Four years ago Dawn Q. Laundau of Tales from the Motherland (Click for more details) presented other bloggers with the challenge to spread gratitude throughout the internet. It’s very simple. Take 10 minutes to list 50 or more things you are thankful for

It’s time to look back on 2019 and list the positive things in our lives. #AttitudeOfGratitude #BloggersUnite. Here’s my list:

1. Good friends
2. A WONDERFUL husband who sticks by me through thick and thin
3. The world’s sweetest cat
4. All the ladies who come to my aerobics classes
5. Rain
6. Moss
7. Childhood memories my sisters don’t recall (maybe they’re adopted?)
9. Sisters-in-law
10. Brothers-in-law
11. Outlaws!
12. Writing – need to do more
13. Making soap
14. Walks in the woods
15. Jazz
16. Dancing Dancing Dancing
17. Reading
18. Travel – Africa here we come, someday
19. All the friends I’ve met through Friday Fictioneers
20. The Stitch-n-Bitch group
21. The variety of birds that visit our suet
22. The fact I have luxuries including a washing machine, a dishwasher, hot water, clean sheets, and a warm bed
23. A good hair day
24. Moths and butterflies
25. Black and white movies
26. Candlelight
27. Craft projects ~ including the Metal Earth dragon that made me crazy last year
28. Lavender
28. Lemons
29. Mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, and a hotdog (Thanks, Mom)
30. Champagne
31. Alone time X 10
32. Snow
33. Museums
34. Great photography
35. A car that runs
36. Train rides!
37. Sushi
38. Barbecues
39. The color green
40. Good health
41. A good night’s sleep!
42. My parents, oh, my parents. Such sweeties they were.
43. A pair of hiking boots that are supportive but feel a bit like slippers
44. Socks!!! I love socks!!!
45. The scent of sage or cedar or a delicate rose
46. Naps
47. Songs that bring back memories of High School or college, a lost love or the found love that makes you happy
48. Childhood friends
49. A meal out
50. A meal in
51. Popcorn
52. Ravens and crows

  1. Dear Lish,

    My you were fast! And both you and Dawn mentioned the one food that’s my top favorite and I didn’t mention it. Sushi. Sashimi, too. Nor did I mention the color purple. I ran out of time. 😉 Love seeing your list.



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  2. You never cease to amaze me with your energy and passion; it’s brilliant! Thanks so much for joining me again. This is my 6th year, and look at all of us pulling together to be grateful. It’s yummy! Wonderful list, grateful you took the time. Thanks and Happy New Year!

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    • Ah, thanks. Looking back in WordPress I saw that I had participated before and listed some of the same things. I’m glad I found your Spread the Gratitude post on Facebook. Lovely to read what makes others happy and see what we have in common. Happy New Year to you and yours. Lish

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  3. April says:

    Fabulous list with such inspiration! Happy New Year!


  4. Dale says:

    What a wonderful list, Lish! Imagine how many more you could have added with the five extra minutes you were allowed 😉
    Isn’t it great that Dawn gives us the opportunity to stop and focus on the wonderful?

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