More Than You

Posted: February 12, 2020 in Friday Fictioneers
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It’s my prerogative to break the rule that not one more story should begin ‘Once upon a time’ for, once upon a time all I wanted was you, you, you.
Once upon a time, we happily followed agreed-upon lines. My space. Your space. Our space.
Slowly, lines blurred. You convinced me black is white. I’m wrong, you’re right. Always.
You drew me into a vodka-filled world sprinkled with pills. Kept my brain soft even as your words hardened my heart.
Now, at this time, I’m through with your ratchety emotional staircase – spiraling down.
There is so much more than you.

  1. Tragic and poignant. And crazy. Well done!

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  2. More than me? You must be mistaken. I’m the center of the universe.

    Oh? You were talking about a so-called Reality TV personality who became a politician and now wants to be a dictator? I think I’ve heard of the guy. Yes, there’s definitely more to the world than him.

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  3. neilmacdon says:

    It happens so insidiously, doesn’t it?

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  4. msjadeli says:

    I’m glad she is waking up.

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  5. Dear Lish,

    Once upon a time, I read a well written piece by you. Oh, once upon a time is now. Good one.



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  6. Iain Kelly says:

    Once upon a time, with a different fairytale ending hopefully. Well written.

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  7. Dale says:

    This was brilliant, Alicia. An insidious situation that she has thankfully escaped from.

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  8. draliman says:

    Pulled in but I’m glad she’s woken up to it.

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  9. ceayr says:

    Dark and powerful, Alicia

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  10. Thank goodness she’s realised. Excellent Alicia.

    Here’s mine!

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  11. pennygadd51 says:

    Your writing in this story is both economical and emotionally powerful. Great work!

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  12. Ah, love this take on the photo prompt! Great writing.

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

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  13. granonine says:

    Brilliant, using the stairs as a metaphor for a rickety relationship.

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  14. plaridel says:

    it was like a bad dream. hopefully, it wasn’t too late to wake up.

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  15. James McEwan says:

    An emotional cry for freedom away from being controlled. A clear and precise few words.

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  16. Poignant and powerful Alicia

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  17. A well written story, focused and lyrical Alicia, I like it alot.

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  18. There is! I’m so glad she discovered before it was too late!

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