The Unexpected Tithe

Posted: September 7, 2022 in Friday Fictioneers
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Peoples came to church all sorts of ways. Early on, mens rode showy horses while their gals sat in buggies, shadin their pasty faces. Us poor folk walked, heads low so’s we wouldn’t look at no one. Cause problems.

Later, cars, mostly black, kicked dust in our eyes. Preacher Thompson had a fancy red truck. Course he did.

During the flood, Dawson piled us in his shrimp boat and blasted over them waters. Got to church directly on time. Thompson sermoned about the power of giving before claiming Dawson’s boat as a righteous offering.

Now Dawson ain’t got no money.

  1. Iain Kelly says:

    It seems the church taketh away, but not so much giveth…

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  2. msjadeli says:

    Oh no 😦 A richly layered story about so many injustices wrought upon man by man.

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  3. Bear says:

    That’s how it is, the rich robbing the poor. Those that have plenty give nothing while those with nothing give it all. Great story, Lish! 🙂

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  4. James McEwan says:

    I suspect the lesson here is; don’t flaunt your good fortune in front of the preacher.

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  5. Oh, I need a post where that terrible preacher is taken down!

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  6. neilmacdon says:

    Dawson may have chosen his church unwisely. I thought at first, from the unorthodox diction it was going to be a post-apocalyptic tale. But this sounds distinctly pre-apocalypse

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  7. trishsplace says:

    And that’s how I feel about religion 😦

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    • There is a branch of Christ the King Church here in Sudden Valley. The pastor is a very kind man. Being raised in the Catholic faith, I don’t attend any church, but I do like him. He’s very kind.


  8. Sandra says:

    What a sense of entitlement… how about the Lord having given him a congregation?

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  9. Wonderful voice Lish. That church needs to practise what it preaches me thinks. 😇

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  10. pennygadd51 says:

    Strong story, with a great voice, Lish. Some churches are like your story, some are much more as you’d hope, being generous and meeting the needs of the local community.

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  11. Dear Lish,

    A story to make one’s blood boil. It certainly stirred mine. Good one.



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  12. Bill says:

    Well done on many levels. 🙂

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  13. So much injustice on a number of levels. Excellently written, Alicia.

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  14. granonine says:

    The dark side of so-called “faith.”

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  15. plaridel says:

    it’s preachers like him that gives religion the bad vibe. may their tribe decrease.


  16. michael1148humphris says:

    The voice in your story came across strongly

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  17. An unfortunate thing, the things that people do in Gods’ mind.

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