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Beatin’ Feet

Posted: September 23, 2015 in Friday Fictioneers
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“Beat feet, beat feet, get outta’ town.” J.L. taps his fingers to the rhythm in his head.
Blinding headlights – coming and going. Lost his glasses in the fight.
Damn Loretta. Gotten herself pregnant. Swore J.L.’s the father. Freakin’ liar that Loretta.

Sirens. One foot on the gas. Other on the brake. “Beat feet.”
Swerve ’round the truck. Squeal between V.W. and S.U.V.
Over the center line. Back. Man his head hurt where she’d hit him.
Fixed her for that. Oh yeah.

“Beatin’ feet.” Wham! Screeching metal. Exploding glass.
Loretta flies through the windshield.
No worries, she’d been dead long before J.L. got outta’ town.