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The Snitch

Posted: January 28, 2017 in What Pegman Saw
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Today, what Pegman Saw took us to Buffalo, New York. So many places to visit! Perhaps I was hungry because I ended up at a Pizza Parlor

Sure we sold pizza.
But that ain’t all we tossed over the counter.
Leo? Sold the girls. Big ones, little ones, fat, skinny. You get the picture.
Tony? Ran the fights. Men. Women. Dogs. Didn’t give a rats ass who beat up who, long as our pockets was full of coin.
Zelda? Ha! An ace that one. Best bookie me and the boys ever met.
A mix of legs and fire and chutzpah. Bettin’ fellows threatened to wager their favorite grandmother just so’s they could win a slice of the moolah Zelda kept tucked inside her bra. Never came to it, though. That dame was brainy.
Let those fools win just enough to bring ’em back next day. Smartest one of us all.
No one’s real clear about what happened. We’re just glad our Zelda takes time out from runnin’ the Bocce Club
to visit us here in the joint.
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