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Today’s Friday Fictioneer photo was submitted by J Hardy Carroll ~ thank you! And thanks to our Fairy Blog Mother for including it for today’s prompt!

Roselia saw things in black and white. No grey maybes in her world.
Last week we fought over nothing.
Eat at Rock-n-Rogers or Sandy-Ds?
Hell, the difference between a good burger and a good burger.
Who cares?
There we were in her ’59 Caddy. She’s driving, flappin’ her lips about Sandy’s.
I’m glaring out the window thinking about cars flying off cliffs; people caught inside like birds in silver cages.
Before I know it, all at one time I open the door, jerk the wheel and leap out.
Plenty of grey in my world now. I like it like that.


PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright - Adam Ickes

(Friday Fictioneers has once again rolled around.  Thanks for this totally weird picture Adam and thanks Rochelle for the prompt. Here are my 100 words.)

Sanji despises goats – the smell, the texture of the hair, the creepy eyes.

Too bad he grew up on a goat farm.

One particular ram has given Sanji nothing but grief since he was ten.

For six years it’s chased him up and down the hills trying to butt him off cliffs.

One time it chased him into a warren of Al-Qaeda soldiers who threatened to cut his balls off.

His father laughed.  Now his father is dead and so is the ram.

Sanji cries for neither, merely places the goat’s head,

dry grass and all,

on his father’s grave.