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Thanks to Pegman I now know there is a border town, Portal, N.D., much like Blaine, WA, which is very close to our little burg, Bellingham, WA. It was easy to imagine a border scene like this.

Alfred feels all raggedy. The way he always does when Wilma’s with him at the border crossing.
Wilma, who never knows what’s in the trunk – ever.
But somehow the way she moves, the way she smiles suggests there just might be a little something to see.
Dumb as a post, almost cute as a button with Betty Boop lips and Marilyn Monroe hair
Alfred loves Wilma. Can’t help it.

“Ah, Mister, ain’t nothin in there. Me and him got a date. See? Reservations at the Electric Club. And we’re already late.”
Wilma winks.
Alfred cringes.
Border-Patrol-Man sighs. “Open the trunk.”

Alfred taps the button that pops the lid.
Border-Patrol-Man slowly lowers his mirrored glasses. “You crazy son-of-a …”
“Officer!” Wilma coos. “There’s a lady present.”
“Toss em out!”

At the Electric Club, Alfred thanks his lucky stars that the odor of five cartons of rotting bananas overpowered the stench of blood.