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Messy nests of grasses, weeds, feathers, and hair littered the ground.
Each one held three speckled eggs.
Hundreds of long-legged, white birds filled the air with a cacophony of squawks and whistles.
Still, the men could be heard.
“The Misses would love some of them plumes for her hat.”
“My son would enjoy bathing in a tub made from the shell of that enormous tortoise.”
“By God, we could shoot thousands of these beasts and never kill them all.”
Off to the side one man sat, notepad in hand, hurriedly recording all he saw.
“Darwin, come quick. Bring your rifle!”

Not for a minute do I believe Darwin would have traveled with a group of men like this. But what if he did? Who would have won the battle between men with guns and men with deep curiosity?