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I’ve found myself missing the Friday Fictioneer clan so am putting my textbook aside for part of the day and throwing a 102-word story into Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s Wednesday ring of stories.

The temperature reached 95 by noon. And the humidity, Anita tried to ignore that stickiness.
Here, beneath the umbrella trees, the air felt cool. The biting flies weren’t as bad, and the whirring click of crickets was more soothing than noisome.
She spread her picnic. A dingo yipped, a lizard stole a cracker, ants crawled across an apple slice.
None of this bothered Anita, for the ground beneath these trees was her safe place.
Sleep tugged at her eyelids until she finally lay back on her blanket.

“Anita Fredrickson! Get your five-year-old self in here for a nap!”
Anita blinked, the outback disappeared.