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Good morning! Thanks to Sarah Potter and Rochelle Wisoff-Fields (not only for the picture but a great story line to follow) I have this little tale to tell. Thanks to one and all for reading.

The way things were going this morning, Rochelle wasn’t a bit surprised to find the windows hanging at odd angles. Sleep eluded her last night because of an ear-worm, several actually, and upon rising, she realized she’d forgotten to pay the gas bill. The bedroom was freezing. And perhaps the computer was frozen, too, because over and over a message flashed saying the InLinkz code couldn’t be found. Raking fingers through tangled hair, she scuffed downstairs in her husband’s slippers, mumbling, “Coffee” then shouting “Oy, vey!” when she saw that the plant she hadn’t watered for a month had taken over her desk.