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The last light-hearted story I attempted to write turned out to have wife-beating and kidnapping as key features. So, today I have paid particular attention to making a feel-good story for Christmas. The picture that inspired the story was provided by Roger Bultot and posted, as usual, by our fairy blog mother, Rochelle. Thank you both.

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Everyone declared Lizzie the best dang gal they’d ever met.
Best gal. Worst gal. Lizzie didn’t care what they called her.
She always worked hard: serving coffee, wiping tables, taking guff.
The townspeople were poor, so she never expected tips
but not one goll durn patron left a tip for over 5 months.
How’s she gonna’ get by?
Those quarters were Lizzie’s bus money. Shoot.
She’d been walkin’ to the diner for a month.
Lizzie flipped the lights. Locked up.
Outside sat a good-looking used car
festooned with balloons.
The tag dangling from the longest string read,
“Merry Christmas! Lizzie-Girl!”