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I’ve been reading the November issue of The Smithsonian which is filled with stories of the Holocaust. So, dear friends, this is what I came up with for Pegman’s trip to Krakow.

March 28, 1939
To provide a friend who will keep my secrets I started a diary.
Present: Mother left for France. Father joined the army.
A memory: Ten-year-old Lev playing violin.

January 10, 1940
We’ve moved into a school with boys! Sixteen-year-old girls shouldn’t be subjected to such horrors!

March 6, 1942
Horrid night. Clanking wheels. Jangling keys.
Nazis, moving people to unknown places.
Lev kissed me last week! We shared sweet caresses while spring flowers scented the air.
We shall marry when this horror is over.

June 16, 1942
The pogrom has begun. Mother! Where are you?

July 17, 1942
Except for barbed wire and guards, the ghetto is quite ordinary, filled with beloved neighbors.
But not Lev. My love, my protection disappeared on last night’s transport.
Writing squelches the pain.

August 17,1942
At dawn, soldiers marched five families toward a shallow trench.
One shot, two, twenty, on and on …
The sound of boots and laughter. Oh, God, they’re coming back.


The Attempt

Posted: November 18, 2015 in Friday Fictioneers
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We are birds in your cage. Thousands wearing dirty, striped pajamas.
We sing, you strike us. We laugh, you scream. We dance, you ruin our feet.

Each of us leaves something behind.
Jaleh: A comb
Edda: Perfume
Abi: Her favorite high heels
Fahim: Cuff links of gold

Today is our day. My day, really. I clip the barbed wire for all of us. Each captured soul.
We have waited through dark days and bright until now. Now is perfect.
The wire parts. Countless numbers slide through. Oh, how we run!

One bullet. Two. Freedom rips through my back.