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Today Pegman took us to Dubai. Here is my 150-word story about that opulent city.

So much water. Blue as a single droplet clinging to a spike of grass. Bluer than my mother’s favorite cotton dress. And, sometimes, testier than my father. I suppose it would be advantageous to thank you for bringing me to your city of bright lights and big money, for once you loved me. Me a skinny, black-skinned girl from Darfur where water is as precious as your golden rings and diamonds. I remember the afternoon we met. Do you? I had walked five miles to draw water from the borehole, been raped by two Janjaweed soldiers. No, I correct myself, Janjaweed beasts. You, collector of rarities, saw beyond the bruises on my face, into my heart of kindness, or so you said. Now? I am too dark. Too primitive. Too stupid. I carry your child yet you send me back. Do not worry. You might find the Nazar in time.

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