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I’m a bit late to the party, but I needed to have a discussion with a rather large friend in order to get his ideas about the way things are progressing in his pod. We shared mackerel paste and tea. I’ve narrowed down his diatribe to 100-words.Thanks to Ted Strutz and Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for this week’s photo prompt – the ferry to San Juan Island, I believe.

I want nothing from you nor do I need to give you anything.
Let me be and in turn, I will avoid you.
Our kind has plowed these waters for hundreds of years, moving in groups or alone.
Your kind stalks us in boats, turns us into piles of bones and barrels of oil.
You show no mercy.
You slaughter pregnant females and babies.
Our males are scarred by your explosive harpoons.
Now is the time to enjoy our beauty, listen to our songs, learn from us.
Or just leave us alone.
Do it!
Do it now!
Before time runs out.