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I love this photograph of warm, fuzzy hats provided by BJÖRN RUDBERG and posted by Rochelle. I wrote a story at 6:30 am but when I read it to my husband he said, “That is really gruesome!” Round two is more fun. Thanks for being such a wonderful group of writers! Cheers to you all!

When Auntie Dot done axed me to knit hats for all her friends, I said I surely would ’cause I loves Auntie.
‘Sides, t’was August and I figgered, Heck I gots plenty of time. I sheared June-Bug, spun ‘er wool, dyed them strands and knit 20 hats.
“Nope, I needs more,” Auntie told me.
30 hats later she done said it again! Next thing I knew I was dying sheep just to save time! Silly seeing pink and blue sheep in the fields but …
50 more hats still tweren’t enough.
My fingers is raw from wool. Who knew Auntie Dot had so danged many friends?