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It’s Wednesday – Friday again! Doug, thanks for this picture. There’s so much going on it was difficult to decide what to write about. Most of all it made me want to go to a warm beach and collect flotsam and jetsam that has floated up on the sand. Thanks, Rochelle, for keeping our merry band of writers on our toes.

Time seemed jumbled – years piled upon years.
People from all over the world visited Toyashi,
bringing shells, beads, bottles, rocks.
Payment was not important.
In return he healed their wounds
with elixirs he himself created.

He loved many who had come,
stayed, then died.

At first the years arrived like storms
full of laughter and dancing.
Later they resembled warm summer days
he wanted to last forever.
Now they are cold and never ending.
Like Toyashi.

The one thing people asked for –
knew he had –
was the secret to eternal life.
That elixir Toyashi would not share
and wished he’d never found.

Copyright - Marie Gail Stratford

This morning I found out that one meaning of “forking” is to fork someone’s house instead of toilet papering it.  Perhaps a bit cleaner and easier to tidy up, but where does one find that many forks?  Anyway, here’s my contribution to Friday Fictioneers – 98 words.

“The Fork People visited last night.”

Leslie reddened.  “Sorry, Pappa.”

“You know as town sheriff I can’t allow that sort of thing at my own home.”

“No, Pappa.”  Just turned sixteen and still getting lectured.

“It’s fine at the Johsnon’s house or the Westfield’s.  Not here. Makes it look like my daughter’s a  sl … Well, just not here.”

“Right, Pappa.”

“So, what I want you to do, is go out and collect them.”

Leslie went outside and looked at all the beautiful forks sticking straight up in the grass

spelling “Joey loves Leslie” in shiny silver and gold.