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I’ve been told that this picture has been used before for our Friday Fictioneer prompt. When I went back into my archives, I found the picture but I’d never written a story. Who knows what happened that day? So here’s a fresh never been told, by me, story. Thanks Rochelle and Al.



If it ain’t been for da’ problem, Jacob and Ruby would a’ made it cross dat lazy ole river
but God or da water, somethin’ or someone had a different plan.
All morning they’d lugged moonshine up dat hill to Mister Avirett’s Model T.
He’d promised them $50 and a ride to Orleans
where Jacob could finally start his night club.
Yes, indeedy Jacob shore be lookin’ forward to dat.
When they found my boy and his wife all drowned
Mister Avirett act as if he never seen them two before.
Just drove away with $200 worth of ‘shine hid beneath the seats.

(101 words)