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Posted: August 26, 2018 in What Pegman Saw
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Pegman took us to Resolute, NU, Canada this week. What an interesting place.

Me and my brothers lived along the shores of Qausuittuqall Bay all our lives. When little we tumbled around and over each other like cubs in a pack til our muscles grew stronger than the inside of an iceberg. As men, we tracked polar bears by the light of Nanjuriks’s eyes and killed those big white beasts with our bare hands. Laugh if you want. But it’s true. Tonraq ran beneath their bellies and after one, two, three jabs the bears sighed and fell. Ha! Those beasts didn’t have a chance. What did I do? I, Nukilik, sang the death songs. “We honor you, Nanuq! Thank you for your gifts of meat, fur, fat, and bones. We will use them wisely. We will use them well.” After all, gifts must be acknowledged.

Now, no longer honored, our Nanuq float on disconnected ice sheets, vainly listening for their song.

(Nanurjik – Star, Tonraq – Tiny Man, Nukilik – Strong)