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Today Pegman took us to North Pole, Alaska where they have what looks like a wonderful ice carving festival. It was there I found my “glass” house. As always, thank you for reading my work. Happy Holidays!

If you look closely you will see our Betsy standing beside the sink, wearing his favorite pink chiffon dress, blonde hair done just right – just the way he likes it.
He is coming up the front steps, his briefcase filled with office papers. You will notice the leather is polished to a high shine, as are his shoes and short black hair.
The children are upstairs, coloring. Do you hear a word from them? You’d better not. For he likes to see five-year-old Annie in frilly dresses and three-year-old Tommy in stiff, dark suits, sitting quietly. Very, very quietly.
When our Betsy hears his key in the lock, she fills his tumbler with two well-measured jiggers of Scotch whiskey and pours it over ice. But tonight’s drink will be special, it’s their anniversary, after all. She empties a small bottle of aconitine into his glass and stirs.


I’s been workin’ in Massah’s garden over forty years. Planted beans, corn, rutabagas, watermelon.
Raised his childrens and his chickens. Only rung the necks of dem birds, though I wanted to kill dem boys most every day.
They was mean little ones and downright nasty as growed menfolk.
Killin all kinds of things cause they could.
I drew one big ol line when they shot my man; sold our baby girl.
Luckily no one ever checked the plantings. Deadly Night Shade grows over der in dat corner.
Now dem boys serve as fertilizer, though most peoples think dey be servin in the da war.