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Peoples came to church all sorts of ways. Early on, mens rode showy horses while their gals sat in buggies, shadin their pasty faces. Us poor folk walked, heads low so’s we wouldn’t look at no one. Cause problems.

Later, cars, mostly black, kicked dust in our eyes. Preacher Thompson had a fancy red truck. Course he did.

During the flood, Dawson piled us in his shrimp boat and blasted over them waters. Got to church directly on time. Thompson sermoned about the power of giving before claiming Dawson’s boat as a righteous offering.

Now Dawson ain’t got no money.


Posted: April 26, 2020 in What Pegman Saw
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Charles – Explorer

August 11, 1861
Bathed in rosy light, the mountain’s noble brow gleams in the glory of the setting sun. Beyond the jagged outline of the eastern peak, which rises abruptly from a gentle incline, lies a rough, almost horizontal platform. 3000 feet lower, like the trough between two mighty waves, rests the saddle separating the sister peaks.

August 15, 1861
The trough is all that hinders me, but what an all! Snow at eye level. Clouds above. White upon rocks and sky. Shining masses, looking like newly-washed sheep!  I cannot describe the sensations thrilling my heart. Knowing my caravan of men will keep me safe, I must continue. For God. For country.

Johannes – Preacher

August 18, 1861
We are in the midst of Chagga thieves, trickish men, who only desire our property. My single earthly friend disappeared after striving to reach the mountain’s peak with a caravan consisting of local thieves. God bless his soul.