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Wednesday-Friday has once again provided an interesting photo prompt posted by our Fairy Blog Mother, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Here are my 100-words.

These are the bones of our people, stacked one upon another to form the perfect protective structure. Time means nothing to us. We come. We go. Live and die, yet we are always here, guarding our children and their children and on and on and on. No one tires of the process. While alive, we smile up at our ancestors. Celebrate their strengths and weaknesses. Thank them for watching over us. We know that following death we will shelter the cheerful and the lost, participate in weddings and funerals through our spirits. A never-ending circle that brings comfort and peace.


It’s Wednesday/Friday again! Today’s picture prompt, provided by our Fairy Blog Mother, Rochelle, was taken by Lucy Fridkin. Thanks to both of you.


The whump-whump of the tug’s motor was the only heartbeat Jason needed to hear.
He liked people alright;
even got married – once.
But he loved isolation best, so the knock on the wheelhouse, and whispered, “May I board?” surprised him.
So did the way his best friend, Alice, looked.
“Roger . . .” Her bruised eye said it all.
“I’ll take care of it.”
After drink took Roger into a deep sleep aboard My Mistress, Jason drained the fuel, hooked her up to his tug and headed north out of the harbor.
Ten days and much shouting later, Jason cut his payload adrift on the frigid Bering Sea.


June watched her boys tumble across the yard like puppies. Not one of them was right in the head – she knew it for a fact. Nasty old Mable didn’t need to tell her. No she did not. Clem: Ten – can’t count to one. Joe-Bob: Nine – forgets his own name. Stew: Eight – if a tree toppled, he’d just let it fall and squash him dead. It’s their daddy’s fault. Knocked each one in the head when they were little babies. But Daddy’s gone. June saw to that. Shot him. Threw him in the sea. Now she’s left with a black-haired chain of fools. She loves each link.