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I seem to have made up for going over the word limit on my last two Friday Fictioneer stories by coming in under the 100-word limit by 7-words! Thanks to our fairy blog mother, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, we have a pair of tape covered boots to write about this week.

Dad seemed to be held together with duct tape.
The old man used the silver strips to repair his straw hat, reinforce his raincoat,
patch his bicycle tires and the toes of his rubber boots.
When I caught him using it to anchor his glasses to his face
I hid the tape in the back of a drawer he never, ever used.
Or so I’d thought before the police called.
“Arrested? Why?”
“It’s bloody strange, mate. The booking officer wrote:
Unlawful possession of wild raccoon taped to bicycle seat.
No headlamp on bike.