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It’s Wednesday-Friday! Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields we have this intriguing photo prompt taken by Björn Rudberg. I can’t wait to read what the other Friday Fictioneers saw in the picture.

The boys studied the map.
One pointed north. “The Dragon’s Back. We’re on track.”
“What’s with the sign?”
“Don’t know. Don’t speak a da language.”
The boys laughed,
one less heartily than the other. “Looks to me like it’s saying don’t go this way, turn back.”
“Don’t be a sissy-boy.”
One’s face turned red.
“Come on! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”
The boys revved the engines of their four-wheelers.
One of them had learned to pop his front tires off the ground. “Go!”
The boys sped around the corner, into the wall of rocks deposited by last night’s landslide.