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PHOTO PROMPT - © Erin Leary

Carrie peered down from her twelfth floor window.
First time in the city.
What astounded her most? The ladies’ hats.
Bigger than wagon wheels, she thought.
And all those glorious white feathers!

Lucius supported the family
selling feathers just like them.
More valuable per ounce than gold.

He’d go to the rookeries
when the egrets were raising their young
and kill the big ones by the thousands, leaving
the babies to die. It hurt Carries’ heart
but that’s just the way things worked.

If Lucius stopped hunting,
their ten young ones would die
and that wouldn’t be right
now would it?

In the 1900’s plume hunting decimated the shore bird population along the Florida coast. I’ve attached a link to a short article about the practice and how it came to an end.