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pink roses and red wine smoother than velvet
Kisses down my neck
across my shoulders
over the rise of my breasts

You seduced me with promises
Come, cross the bridge
from a dull
ordinary life to
one filled with excitement
and laughter
A life only I can provide


My head spun
at the sound of your voice
My knees shook
when you slipped
a thin silver ring
on my finger

And, then
there it was
A new life full of
hard work
successes and failures
tears and tantrums
lost jobs

And found friends
Beautiful children
Pets who adopted us
and pets who allowed us to adopt them

to the store, jobs
And finally
across the sea
to Paris Madrid Africa

Now it is I who
kiss your shoulder
and warm your wizened breast
with a time-wrinkled palm
And a whispered


cat - Rochelle

Thérèse creates candles of all shapes, sizes and colors, and scents them to perfecton. She doesn’t charge for them. Certainly not! In fact she makes each candle for a specific individual and gives it away. For Bachelor Tom – a deep red, patchouli-scented tintillation candle. He married three months ago. For Sterile Beatrice – a half-blue, half-pink, rose-scented fertility candle. Today Bea’s house bursts with rollicking children.

But not all Thérèse’s candles come as a blessing. No indeed! For wicked Mrs. Tuttle – a satin-black candle filled with cat hair and scented with turpentine. Mrs. Tuttle sneezed to death last week.

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