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This week Pegman took us to the Great Wall of China. What a fascinating place! Thanks, K. Rawson, for leading us here.

A brave man, strong and wise, I was a soldier.

Thought to be a mere peasant, I am clever. Two years ago I was raising Emperor Qin Shihuang’s ninety-nine Silkie chickens. Not one died.

I was a stealer of bread. Who can blame me? My children were starving. Perhaps they are dead.

Bravest and cleverest of all, I am a rebel. Qin Shihuang shall not rule long, for the people shall unite to take back their lives.

A whip cracks, thoughts fly from the mind of every man digging sand, loading kilns, stoking fires, hauling bricks and stumbling. Each knows there is no hope of freedom here. No rest until death helps one’s soul become one with the wall.
So, they bend their backs and think a new thought, one they are told to remember each and every day.

You belong to the Son of Heaven. You are nothing.


Silkie Chickens – aren’t they cute?

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Mouse vs Coyote

Posted: September 30, 2015 in Friday Fictioneers
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Yes, indeed, it’s Wednesday/Friday for our merry band of Friday Fictioneers. Thanks Marie Gail for an interesting photo and thanks Rochelle for keeping us on our toes. Now ~ here is my 100 word contribution for the week.

Sadie peered at the lifeless mouse on her doorstep.”Zelda is one crazy flora-dora.”
“That ain’t nothin’,” Samuel stepped outside.”She dropped a dead coyote on my porch last week.”
“Coyote? He be a trickster and thief, lot like you,” Sadie said.
“Maybe yes. Maybe no.” Samuel toed the mouse. “But why’d she leave this on your stoop?”
“Mr. Mouse be the smart one. He be seein’ right into people’s thievin’ hearts.”
“Humph.” Samuel stuffed his hands deep inside his pockets.
“And I sees right through you, Samuel Makutsi. ‘Cause I knows you hidin’ mamma’s pearl earrings in your ratty old fist.”