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Posted: September 10, 2014 in Friday Fictioneers
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Once again, Wednesday has rolled around. With some bits of fussing and fact checking, I have come up with a 102 word story for FF.

Copyright - Janet Webb

The tinkle of glasses. Laughter. Music. Charleston – her favorite.
And candlelight everywhere.
A splash in the pool.
Daisy checks her plum lipstick once, twice, again. Perfect.
Hair? More than perfect.
Still – she slides her hands over the exaggerated blonde finger waves.
Just to make sure.
A rap on the door. “Coming, baby?” It’s Tom.
Beads rustling like wind in bamboo, she turns around, looks at her
exquisite rump beneath the rose colored dress.
The V-cut in the back is almost too low. Almost.
She opens the door. Ignores her husband.
Glides across the seat of the yellow car.
Bright with nickel.