Words Hurt

Posted: July 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

It’s Wednesday/Friday and time for the merry band of Friday Fictioneers to follow our fearless leader, Rochelle, down a tangled path littered with 100 – or so – words. Thanks to all my fellow writers for contributing well thought out stories of fiction that keep me entertained for days.

copyright -Janet Webb

“Look at her,” they said.
“Her dress is ugly,” they said.
She is ugly!”
The girls began to giggle.

Anna studied her reflection in the lake. Her dress was sewn from gossamer silk with narrow blue stripes and golden buttons.
Her mother had whispered that Anna’s hair was “soft as eiderdown” while braiding the long blonde strands.

“And stupid,” they said.

Confused, Anna stepped into the water, ruining her silver pumps.
She swam away from shore while the girls laughed and threw stones.

When the principal announced “The Siemens award for math goes to Anna Friedland”​
Anna floated face down in the lake.

  1. Sandra says:

    Hurtful indeed. And such a tragic waste. Well done.

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  2. Dear Alicia,

    If only Anna had listened to other voices beside theirs. Very sad tale of how bullying can kill. Well done.



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  3. Graham Lawrence says:

    So sad 😦

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  4. michael1148humphris says:

    Tragic. For me the grey water also provoked a story about death.


  5. jwdwrites says:

    Poor kid! School can be such a tough place for kids.

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  6. gahlearner says:

    That phrase with the sticks and stones is a lie. Heartbreakingly good story, Alicia. Thoughtlessness (not always evil intent) can cause so much harm.

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    • Thanks so much. I remember being teased by girls in grade school – for my glasses, my sort of shabby dresses – mean little things they were. Thanks for such a lovely comment.

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      • gahlearner says:

        Yeah, I’ve had my fair share of that, too. Never being able to afford ‘real’ Jeans, wearing glasses, not being thin enough, no tennis, no horse-riding…and at my time brand-o-mania wasn’t even half as bad as it is now. But I had friends who were like me, and that made all the difference.

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  7. draliman says:

    So tragic, I wish this were only fiction. Nicely written.

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  8. MrBinks says:

    You make tragedy beautiful.

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  9. subroto says:

    Sometimes when you struggle to fit in, words can hurt more than sticks and stones. Very well written.

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  10. rgayer55 says:

    I read this post yesterday, but was too stunned to comment. Words can be terribly hurtful. I guess I keep thinking back to the ugly duckling story. We can’t isolate our children/grandchildren from bullying, but we can provide some tools to deal with it.

    I was amazed at the parallels between your characters and my shopping carts. I only wish Anna had found the love and acceptance that Wanda was fortunate enough to receive.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s crazy how story ideas can parallel. I’m in a writing practice group that meets every Friday. Writing prompt – write 10, 15, 5 minutes – read. Sometimes our stories are so similar it’s scary. Thanks for taking the time to think, revisit and comment.

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  11. plaridel says:

    how sad. she deserved better.

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  12. ceayr says:

    Unforgiving tale, Alicia.
    PS I think you might mean ‘principal’?

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  13. So sad that we listen to the voices who try to destroy us rather than the ones who know us best. Good story Alicia, very thought provoking.

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  14. wmqcolby says:

    A really poignant piece. It killed me at the part where her pumps got ruined. I could tell this wasn’t going to end happily. And wasn’t I right?

    Gee WHIZ, I’m depressed now. 😦

    Great story! 🙂

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  15. Giving each other a hard time keeps the game lively. I love it!


  16. Margaret says:

    Such a waste. A sad but beautifully told story about the real harm words can inflict. Poor Anna. I like the little details about her dress, hair and shoes, and how her mother’s words contrast with those of the girls.

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  17. So sad that people can be so very unkind. Nicely done.


  18. How tragic. It’s made even worse by the fact it actually happens. Bullying and peer pressure can grind a sensitive teenager right down. And now we have cyber bullying. Good writing, Alicia. —- Suzanne

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  19. Oh no, no, no….don’t listen to those silly girls. 😦 You broke my heart, Alicia.

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