Raul’s Dream

Posted: July 27, 2022 in Uncategorized

As a child, Raul dreamed of climbing into the sky. Becoming an angel. Poor Raul. Momma grew marijuana in the greenhouse. Smoked. Drank. Got too high. Had too many boyfriends. Not one admitted Raul was his son. Raul planted flowers. Momma ripped them out. Seeing their empty cupboard, he planted beans. Momma tore them out. When Momma gave birth, Raul named the baby Angel because Momma was too high to care. Days he watched clouds. Nights he showed Angel constellations and fell in love with her smile. The day Momma traded Angel for a case of bourbon Raul’s dream shattered.

  1. neilmacdon says:

    Welcome back, Alicia. And with such a powerful story

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  2. This is just sad.
    Great writing.


  3. Iain Kelly says:

    Now that is a real tough life story. Nice to see you again 🙂

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  4. Bill says:

    Momma seems to be a bit of a problem. Wow.

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  5. Dale says:

    Jeez, Alicia! Why don’t you just rip out my heart already!!
    Excellent story, however 🙂

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  6. michael1148humphris says:

    So much sadness in so few words. Life can be very hard on some individuals

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  7. Poor Raul has been handed an extremely difficult life. His mother’s drug and alcohol addictions have destroyed poor Rail. Sad!!!
    Glad to see you writing with us again, Alicia.
    Hope you’re well … Izzy 😎

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  8. Laurie Bell says:

    Oh gosh, this is gutting!
    Beautifully written.

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  9. Dear Lish,

    First, a hearty welcome back to the FFFold. We’ve kept your space for you. 😉
    What a gut wrencher of a story. Raul needs to trade Mama in for a real human being. Well done.



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  10. GHLearner says:

    It’s so good to see you back, Alicia. No one else can rip out our hearts and squash them as you do, what a re-entry into the FFFold.

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  11. Danny James says:

    Yikes! What a horrible story. He will have problems the rest of his life with that family history.

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  12. Sandra says:

    That is one powerful story to mark your return to FriFic, Alicia. Lovely to read from you again.

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  13. granonine says:

    Sadly, this isn’t always fiction. Children have suffered because parents are addicts.

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  14. msjadeli says:

    Momma Monster. Some kids go on to thrive because of such monsters, but most spend the rest of their lives trying to recover from the trauma. I hope both kids survived and went on to better places.

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  15. Nobbinmaug says:

    That’s how supervillains are born. It’s nice to think Raul could defy the odds and go on to make something of himself, but those odds are hard to defy.

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  16. Damn! That last line punched me in the gut.

    Amazing work, Alicia!

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