The Bad Idea

Posted: December 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

Once again trying to go on the light side. My first story was about playing chicken in the deep dark woods. Fill in the blanks. After deleting and starting again, I came up with a day in the lives of Maria and Roberto. Thanks to Rocehelle the Blog Fairy for the fun picture taken by Luther Siler.

PHOTO PROMPT © Luther Siler

Maria’s heart told her today was the day Roberto would ask for her hand. For months the lovers entwined fingers in church, secretly, so Mama wouldn’t see. And kissed beneath the Jacaranda, secretly, so Papa wouldn’t rush to yank them apart.

Oh! Roberto was happy! He had saved one thousand pesos to purchase the ring set with a stone that glittered like his Maria’s eyes. He adored her ebony hair, porcelain skin and those breasts! Grinning, he slipped the ring inside her birthday piñata.

Ten minutes later little cousin Juan smacked the paper bird. Roberto watched Maria’s ring fly into his not-future father-in-law’s eye.


  1. ansumani says:

    Ah..young love! Nicely done.

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  2. bad bad idea to put the ring in the pinata… but a very fun story.

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  3. Love ending. Poor Roberto certainly messed up here.

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  4. Dear Alicia,

    Perhaps when Papa realizes what hit him his heart will soften toward Roberto. We can but hope. At least he didn’t put the ring in her drink. 😉 Fun story.



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  5. Nice example of a

    non traditional proposal in a traditional setting

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    • This was inspired by all the crazy proposals I’ve seen lately on T.V. and the internet and I think, Why put yourself in the postion for a big NO in front of hundreds of people. Thanks for reading and commenting. Alicia


  6. plaridel says:

    by this time, the father-in-law must have seen what was coming. 🙂

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  7. Now that was fun! Probably will turn out best for Roberto after all.

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  8. Really great story and take on the image. I love it, a piñata and the ring flies into the father-in-laws eye. Not a good beginning for Roberto and Maria.

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  9. Sandra says:

    I like the idea of ‘not-future’ relatives. Good one, Alicia.

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  10. draliman says:

    Oops! I’ve never seen the wisdom in hiding the ring in potentially dangerous places 🙂

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  11. I started with a piñata then detoured to Sesame Street. Cute story.

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  12. desk49 says:

    You made me think back to my wedding. To bad we did not have a pinata there.
    Nice job.


  13. rgayer55 says:

    Evidently, Roberto is not a dead ringer for their idea of a son-in-law. But it seems the harder parents try to break a couple up, the more intent they are to be together.

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  14. It wasn’t a bad idea, just a good idea gone awry.
    I think it was actually lovely.
    But I heard papa thought the ring was for him and ran off with Roberto, and now all Maria has left is her broken chicken piñata, fond memories of Roberto, and bad feelings for her papa.


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  15. That was a poorly executed proposal for sure. Nicely done.

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  16. Amy Reese says:

    Haha. This was great and a welcome lightness! Not the pinata. Oh no! It could have been romantic if it landed in her hand. 🙂

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  17. hafong says:

    Of course that would happen, what we most want to avoid! I bet Papa was secretly happy. Fun, happy story.


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  18. LOL! Not so good an idea gone bad, poor fellow. What was he thinking?

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  19. Danny James says:

    Oh no……….


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  20. Margaret says:

    Poor Roberto. This is such a cute story, Alicia. I love it. It’s a great take on the prompt.

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  21. No, that is not a sign! Lol

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  22. Noooo! Poor Roberto and Maria! That silly piñata seems to have ruined everything!


  23. Not the best place for a ring set. I hope he gets them back, at least, poor man. Good story, though. Well done, Alicia. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  24. Haha! A wonderfully creative and imaginative story with a sad-funny ending! “Roberto watched Maria’s ring fly into his not-future father-in-law’s eye.” Great line!

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  25. No worries. Travel is both fun and hectic


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