Father’s Protection

Posted: July 21, 2018 in Uncategorized

Today Pegman took us to Melbourne, Australia. Scrolling through pictures, I found this hotel? restaurant? on planetware.com and found it quite unsettling. Thanks to Karen Rawson and Josh Hardy for providing us with Pegman fun.


The skies have returned to glacier-ice blue. Five years passed before the greasy-black smoke of burning tires dissipated. We lived underground. The land is littered with grenades, bullets, and bones. We collect them, put them in piles for later use. Angelina builds walls from grenades. Now that sunlight sparks off the metallic angles, her structures are quite beautiful. Felicia creates windchimes from bullets and vines. If even one tree remained, we would hang her creations from the branches. Please, don’t worry, these reminders of war are no longer dangerous, Frederick has made it so.

What do I do? Build a place for each of us to live, safely and alone. Only four people remain but constructing homes from the bones of your loved ones takes time. Each is built with care.

Do not return. You would be uncomfortable here. My roof is made from Father’s ribs.

Sincerely, Damien



  1. k rawson says:

    Woah! That is compelling stuff. What a frightening world you’ve crafted. Let me with a chill.

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  2. Joy Pixley says:

    Wow, what a dark and wonderfully imaginative twist at the end, how cool! I also think it has a Mad Max quality to it.

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  3. Like a sequel to On The Beach! Well done.

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  4. I was reminded of Mad Max, as well, especially “Beyond Thunderdome”.

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  5. Dear Lish,

    I guess I could call this something of a bone-chiller. 😉 Dark, grisly and totally fascinating. Well done!



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  6. pennygadd51 says:

    Lish, you’ve written a remarkable story. It’s as bleak as you can imagine, and yet beautiful too. The pivotal sentence “If even one tree remained, we would hang her creations from the branches” is very telling indeed, and holds the beauty and horror closely together.

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  7. Dang, what a powerful story!

    And that picture makes me think Frank Gehry had an aneurism.

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    • Thanks, Mike, I’m glad you keep stopping by! So much fun. I’d heard of Frank Gehry but had no idea what his architecture looks like so sped off to Google. WOW!!!! As my husband said, “Apparently he doesn’t like straight lines.”

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  8. Sarah Ann says:

    That last line is awful – I mean awfully affecting rather than awfully written. This has been horrific enough, without that last line – really unsettling, the loss and making the most of the little they have left – chilling.
    By the by your picture is one of the buildings in Federation Square .(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federation_Square)

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  9. Absolutely awesome. I love reading the pictures and stories your imagination forms and how you mould them with such care and mastery. This has to be your finest story, Lish…

    Since the last one!!

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    • You are very kind, sir.
      I don’t know if you read my second (yes I cheated) Friday Fictioneers story but in the intro, I told everyone I’m bowing out of FF for a time and will do the same with Pegman. I ‘m having a hard time focusing on (hopefully) the last revision of my novel. A friend, and editor, told me I’m stretching creative juices to thin. I will stop by every now and again to read a few stories in both because, yes, I’m addicted.


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